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BatmanYTB - The Batman Homepage is a fan site that covers every aspect of Batman. It features a detailed Comics with over 3,000 comics listed and a detailed Action Figure and Dolls section with every figure to date. Also included in the Toys, Merchandise, and Collectibles section with DC Direct, Art Asylum, LEGO, Maquettes, Barbies, Hot Wheels, Hallmark, Trading Cards, Die Cast Cars and Figures, Colorforms, Model Kits, Bobble Heads, Clocks, PVC, and more. The Bio section has over 500 bios for all of Batman's allies, rogues, and heroes. The TV section includes Batman, Birds Of Prey, the Onstar commercials, and never-made Bruce Wayne TV series. The Movie section has up to date info on everything new in the Batman world including The Dark Knight. The site also features Web programs such as The Gotham Girls and Shadow of Sin Tzu, the AOL comic strips. We have a huge Media section with Batman Ads and Promos, TV Commercials, Magazines, Video Games, and Audio and Cinema. An extensive Photo and Wav collection is constantly being built. A Six Flags Rides and Stunt Show section and info on the 1940s Serials also make us the largest on the 'net.
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